Godly Minions

In the world of Advent, there are several beings that the mortals have never comprehend fully their origins and existance. Having a respectful Ruler, being a God, these Minions are all way too powerful for a mortal to slay yet weaker than their creators.

Liam Ark:

  • None identified yet

Silven Light

  • Valkyries: Silven Light's strongest Minions. They are warriors that guard Odin Isle and are responsible in distributing the Souls evenely back to the Planet in order to live again. Due to the fact that Valkyries are nowadays very few in numbers after the mishap of the Seal, such a responsability is in the hands of the Barons nowadays, with the Valkyries dwelling in Odin Isle as their Sanctuary. Rumor has it that these Valkyries are also Demi-Gods, a breed between the mortals and the Gods, in order to protect the world from harm.

Baron & Baroness Samedi

  • Lord of Death: One of the Baron's most powerful Minion and is currently appointed in Niflheim to guard the City from foreingers and ill-doers who try to harm the City and the Cycle. Also lacks a sense of friend and foe, therefore it tends to attack anything that lives in its path. The Lord of Death is very much impossible to kill no matter how skilled the mortal is.
  • Dullahan: The Barons' weakest Minions, they are appointed under the Lord of Death to guard in Niflheim and attack any strangers and foreigners in the City. A Dullahan only follows Lord of Death and they tend to lack a sense of friend and foe, therefore they may attack anything that lives in their path. however due to being the weakest minions, they can easily be killed by a strong skilled mortal.


  • Demons: The Demons are the weakest minions, having been created with Sagis' Chaotic Magic and stolen forms of magic from the other Gods, making out bastardized hellish forms of creatures that are terrifying to face.

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