Mystical Places

On Advent the Gods have established a few places and areas where the mortal by time could access, however they will be entering these places at their own risk. Usually full of perils and dangers, the mortal may find a difficult time to travel through these places compared to the rest of the creatures' territories.

Mystical Places

  • Odin Isle: This is an Island where Silven's minions reside and life in obscurity from the rest of the world, inactive from their role due to their numbers being greatly diminished after the occurance of The Seal. it is also said that there are several other creatures that are found nowhere else in the world and are suspected to be the weaker minions of Silven.
  • Niflheim: The City of the Dead, or so the creatures call it. This City is where all the souls have to go through before they can move on to another Life or they can stay there if they do not feel completely ready. Several perils can be found in this City as there is not only the Barons' minions roaming about, but even necromancers and witches. While the most powerful creature found in this city is the Lord of Death, a creature is in charge of keeping order within the City. This figure has been identified as the Major of Niflheim and is responsible in keeping order amongst the souls.

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