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The Gods made a Force, one that would materialize life that plants itself onto the ground and unintelligent nature-dependent creatures that lives on itself. However this Force was not the first Soul that was ever created; another Force was made that went completely wrong and corrupted, therefore measures were taken to entrap this first Soul in order to cause minimal harm. More information can be found here regarding "The Force"

The Gods created two force one after the other; the first force was released upon the world, multiplying and growing several shells, materializing into plants, grass, trees and animals of the wilds. This was called the Force of Nature or simply Nature, where these forms of lives have minimal intelligence yet important to keep the Cycle of Life in rotation.

After being made, the second Force multiplied as well in great numbers and in pairs, eventually stopping at one point and the souls started to grow a shell of their own.

  • The first to have developed first was the Human, which was balanced in everything and had an average height, being identified as the simplest creature form.
  • The second were the Orcs, which were far stronger from the Humans yet they lost their magical abilities to their strength, towering the Humans.
  • Third were the Elves, where they developed their magical and agile sides, yet let strength slip greatly out of their arms but not completely, making them a bit shorter than the Orcs but far more fragile than a Human.
  • The fourth were the Faeries, a race that has developed its magical side greatly at the cost of their strength, having a very fragile body frame overall and the smallest of all races. It was very much noticeable that these races developed in the image of the Gods and the closest being to the image was the Human, with the other three races being an evolution of the primary race.
  • Others got influenced from both the human-looking races and the animals that established in the wilds, inheriting a lot of unique abilities from their respective influence; Succubi and Incubi developed from bats, Bastets from cats, Nagas and Isises from snakes, Merpeople from fish, Dryads from plantations and so forth. With such developments The Force of Nature was united with the second Force, the Force of Creatures.

Despite of the variations of abilities, qualities and appearances found in all of the creatures that have intelligence, knowledge and power, these creatures are all equal in their power. It is only a matter of personal development that varies the weak being from the strong being.

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