Night and Day

Current Planets effecting the cycle

  • The Moon, supervised by Silven Light
  • The Sun, supervized by no God.


At a point the Baron came with an idea; they came up with the idea of an assisting planet with the main planet, one that would react to the world in a way that would dim the lights. The Gods discussed further the idea and they found that it would be the best option available, therefore they put it in motion; they created a smaller planet with the same process of how the main planet was made, with an exception that they didn't introduce the Elements to it. Instead Silven worked his magic and balanced the small planet with the main planet so that the assisting planet would uncover and cover the Sun in perfect timing making Night and Day. The small planet would control the tides of seas, force of winds, the ferocity of fires, times of thunder, temperature of the earth and melting point of the ice. They found this perfect and called it the Moon, supervised by Silven.

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