The Creation

Before Advent itself was created, the four Gods experimented much on a constellation in their private space; they created a Sun, the bright fire star reacting with a mixture of the four main elements that would keep its lifeless planets in balance, perfect rotation and support for Life to flourish. However variations of these suns were created until they got to make the most successful sun of them all. They called the other suns as stars and left them in the space of the cosmos as a reminder of their constant failures for their final success.

After the successful creation of the Sun the four Gods started to build the constellation; they created lifeless planets out of a process that would need all the Gods to participate; the Baron assimilated the planet with dead stars from the cosmos, Sagis put a firey core in each to shape them into spheres, the Baron would cover the fire spheres in earth, Eire would freeze the earth and Silven would finally make an invisible barrier for concealment. By balancing them out with precise distance and gravity in order to keep in perfect rotation with the Sun, the planets kept in balance…however never came to life. After much speculation and thought on what is missing in the planets they have concluded that there is no Energy present, only matter.

They took a piece of Energy from the Empyryean One and put it as the center of the planet. Sagis enfolded this energy with a core made of Fire while the Barons covered this core with a thick layer of pieces of dead stars and comets. Sagis then took the incomplete ball of earth and molded it into becoming a solid. Eire and Silven finalized the work by introducing a coat of Ice and a large barrier to entrap Air onto the planet in order for it to solidify.

Thus, the planet itself was complete.

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