The Seal or Sagis Seal

It is said that a certain point in the History of Advent, an occurance that shook the World happened; some say it is all false, however records proved that this event actually happened for real. Most of the people that lived in this year have efficiently forgotten of it, however…

This is one of the many records of the Thriantistic Church nowadays which is not free to the public eye but only for the followers of the Church of Prontera.


"There was a time, where the Great Empires fought over their beliefs, where the Gods themselves had an upheaval. Sagis felt left out of the Cycle of the World and he grew impatient as time went by. He started to create destruction and disrupting the Elements, causing natural disasters throughout the lands.

Sagis was identified of being that of War and Chaos in all the ancient religions. He was identified as Loki in Runism, Set in Ismailism, Ogun for the Umbalans and Daode in Jingism. It is said that he only participated in the Creation of the World, yet he never blessed the world in any other way. Silven holds the Magic of the Elements, Eire holds the Power of the Holy and the Barons hold the power of the Dead, however no one knows who governs the Magic of Wilds. There is a possibility that this Magic, which is also known as Occult Magic, derives from Sagis himself.

Silven didn't stop him at first until he saw that Advent couldn't endure much longer. The three Gods stopped Sagis from performing his Magic on the land, however Sagis did not back down without a fight. The Gods fought and argued with Sagis and, being outnumbered, Sagis was defeated.

After the humiliating defeat, Sagis descended on Advent, isolating himself on an island near the large continent called Avalon. He created a cavern of his own, going deep underground to form his own space. He called his sanctuary Nirvana, a place where he dwelled for most of his days and creating unspeakable creatures of horror.

These experimentation started to result to be catastrophic and the rest of the Pantheon noticed the changes immediately. As the Gods ignored Advent in search of the missing God, wars over the lands started to spread and hunger and poverty was the results, which fatality will remained undefined and untold. An inbalance on the World started to occur as well; souls were being stolen from Niflheim, Holy Magic and Necromancy were being sapped from the White and Black Crystals in order for Sagis to make the mosntrosities he called his "children".He performed his magic and created an army of his own, in preperation for letting loose these creatures when the time came.

The Gods found Sagis as he soared up from his cavern along with his creations, remaining horrified at his works of evil. They called the Valkyries and the Lord of Death in order to counter Sagis, with their leader being Silven. As the two armies engaged in the battle furiously, the Barons and Eire erected a Statue from all the Forces of the World, one that held unimaginable beauty. This Statue is said to have the image of a Valkyrie holding a holy sword called Excalibur and the image of the Lord of Death holding a dark shield called Caliburn.

The Barons and Eire feverently discussed what to do next as Silven struggled with Sagis and their armies decreased in great numbers. They hastily came to a conclusion to create yet another two Forces which were to protect the World from harm of such mearsures. They took a monster that perished from Sagis' army and a dead Valkyrie from Silven's in order to take their magic and work onto yet two other Forces. The power taken was small, yet enough to create two powerful forces that would challenge a God himself.

These Forces took the shape of a man and a woman of a race unknown. These two creatures approached the Statue as instructed and the Statue took life; the Valkyrie gave the sword to the man while the Lord of Death gave the Shield to the woman, perishing right after the Weapons were given. The two Protectors engaged battle with Sagis and, to his surprise, he started to fight with the creatures he has never seen before.They drove Sagis back into Nirvana and the fight picked up pace, with no sign of victory or defeeat from both sides.

Silven joined the Barons and Eire and as they fought the God, the three Gods followed them in Sagis' cavern. Performing their Magic, the Gods created a blood seal that would entrap Sagis in his lair, however they realised they couldn't make this without a price: the bloodshed of both the Protectors, to regain back the Balance of the World. They waited until Sagis managed to ensnare them both in his hands, crushing them and get tainted in their blood, something that Sagis managed to do at the end.

The Gods cast their seal and as the Protectors died, the Seal driving Sagis back in the caverns with a fury that could destroy Advent. Before being sealed completely, Sagis casted out a curse that would shake the lands one last time; he stopped the cycle of the Moon as it approached the Sun, blocking out the light from Advent. The lands' crops started to die and the seas started to drown the lands, later on leading to other catastrophies and disasters. Silven tried to make the Moon move once more, however he realised that it was all in vain. The Gods started to discuss what could be done and finally they realised that the two Forces may become useful once more; they picked up the Protectors' weapons and the souls of the creatures, the Barons and Eire performed their magic to bring them back to life and let them take shape. The Protectors took the shape of two baby humans and after the Gods saw everything was good, Silven took the Protectors and put them in Advent.

Abruptly the Moon started its cycle once more and slowly the Sun shone on Advent; the half-dying crops took life again, the tides retired and the skies cleared up from the clouds. The Balance of the Forces was stored once more and everything lived in harmony once more…"

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