Cycle of Souls

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The Gods saw that the life of the planet was not complete, there was a lack of movement that they couldn't comprehend at first. They started to realize that nothing can live for too long, or the Planet will become overpopulated and could result into chaos and, ultimately, destruction of the planet. therefore the Gods set to work and started to create particular places were established, which were the Baron's Niflheim and Silven's Odin Isle. Niflheim was a place that stood in between the Earth and the Fire of the Planet and never to see the light of day, where the descendants of the natural Force called "souls" would go back and be recycled through the process of Soul Purification and to be brought back to the surface. However there was more to this necropolis; it also served as a resting place for the souls that didn't wish to return to the material world just yet, as to not disrupt the cycle of the world. In this City of the Dead, the Barons summoned their servant Lord of Death and his army of Dullahans in order to keep out strangers from this place as no living creature should ever access this Necropolis.

After the process of Purification, the god of Life takes these souls to Odin Isle and distribute them to the Valkyries evenly. The Valkyries, being the assistants and a part of the God of Balance, brought back the souls to Advent in order to live again in order to balance Death.

However this wasn't enough as the Baron was after all only an individual; he needed assistance from a Being that would handle the heavy process of purifying souls in his underworld. He split himself into two entities, therefore he could do double the work. Taking the shape of a man and woman the two made one God and called themselves the Barons: Baron and Baroness Samedi, in respect to their former shape of Being.

While dwelling on Advent, the Gods discussed about creatures that would have intelligence, wisdom, knowledge and strenght to use the environment established onto this planet. At that point it dawned to them; they could make another Force, one that would be able to bring to life these bright creatures of the world. They would grow, multiply, live a fullfilling life and die, creating the Cycle of Souls.

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