The Force

What is "The Force"?

The force, putting it plain and simple, is the soul created on Advent. This Force has gone terribly wrong and was locked up in the Ice Caverns found in Arunafeltz Region.


The Gods have contemplated about how to create the life in the world. Silven suggested to make something that would multiply and develop onto the world, a source that would be the beginning of everything that will live on throughout the whole chains of the creatures that had to yet develop. Thus the Gods started to experiment on an energy force that they have created through their magics combined and they created the Force, the first soul.

The Gods were thoroughly happy with their result, however they have left it onto its own to see what will happen to it. To their dismay the Force did not duplicate itself; instead it grew sour, from a bright light to a sickly green hues and the Force grew to be evil, lacking the needed balance between the forces of Good and Evil. Silven attempted to remedy this mistake by fueling it with his magic, however the Force rejected it and grew violent.

With an experiment gone wrong, the Gods realized that this was a subject that they couldn't fix, therefore they had a heated discussion of what to do with it. While Sagis suggested to destroy the Force, Silven reminded him that energy in the Universe can never be created nor destroyed therefore Sagis' idea was out of question. Instead Silven suggested that the Force should be kept on Advent, hidden from the eye of the living. Agreeing on such a suggestion, Eire went down onto the planet and created a cavern weaved out of Ice. Deep within the caverns and coldest part, the Gods took the Force and sealed it in Ice so that the creatures would never be able to find the monstrosity created.
Eire then approached the Ktullanux and instructed it to defend the place, giving it strict orders to never let a soul slip into the caverns. Ktullanux did as told; it summoned its own minions from the ice and the cavern turned from a haven to a complex traps made out of ice titans and smaller creatures of ice.
With that, the Gods set their way in order to make yet another Force, this time perfecting it and let it loose upon the planet.

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