Creating an Account

You may have noticed that AdventRO doesn't have a control panel. There are various reasons for this, none of which are relevant here—you came to figure out how to get started and log on!
The directions to acquiring an account are sweet and simple, but if you miss a step, you won't get your account.

  1. Read the rules & roleplaying etiquette page!
  2. Write a small introductory on our forums. We're a close community, give us a bit of insight on who you are and you're sure to make friends easier.
  3. Send a PM to Davven on the forums with this information filled out:
User name: (this will be your account login)
Password: (make it secure and memorise it)
Gender: (male or female)

Your default account email is moc.a|a#moc.a|a; you only need to know this for when you delete a character. The delete button is on the bottom-left corner of the character select screen. It's actually invisible, but you can find it very easily, in fact, by simply clicking around that area.

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