The Advent approval staff keeps a documented Excel document full of who is playing what races or "special" characters, when they got them, and any other important information—every time we get a new approval, the details are saved. We do this to minimise the potential for players to power-game/god-mod, and to balance the amount of races being played.

Approval rules

  • You cannot send approval if you have been role-playing on Advent for less than 2 weeks.
  • After two weeks have passed since you began role-playing on Advent, you can send an approval for any of the Approvals mentioned below.
  • You are to send you approval to Davven [Head GM] through forums PM
  • Label your PM according to what kind of approval you are sending; for example if you are to send an approval for a character’s race, label it as “Race Approval”. The same goes with the rest.
  • If you see that after the span of at least a week you did not receive an approval back, you are not to assume that your approval has been approved. Instead, feel free to re-send your approval as the ST might have not received it for several reasons.
  • You should not initiate/roleplay in-game any abnormal stories or a character that is sent for approval before it gets actually approved. If you are caught doing so, you are at risk of permanent character deletion if such an act persists.

Approval Information

Approval Template
Races Races Approval Sheet
Power Power Approval Sheet
Item Item Approval Sheet
High Status High Status Approval Sheet
Foreign Land Foreign Lands Sheet

If you weren't approved

Please do not take it personally if your character did not get approved. The ST you sent your approval to will always respond with their reason if you are not approved. You will always be given a chance to re-send your approval with changes/additions that the ST suggested to you, or to send a new approval for a different character completely if you weren't approved.
Do not assume that you weren't approved if you haven't received a reply within a few days. If three (3) days pass without word on your approval, feel free to re-send it.

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