Does your character feels too old-fashioned when using his Emperium shard for communication? Well thanks to Davven Advent owns the Cellphone Technology, however its shape is cruder than the ones we find available nowadays.

What does it do?

The Device has the following functions:

  • Sends and receives messages
  • Current news
  • Weather news
  • Has Advent’s map
  • Shows you your Current location.

Where to buy it?

You can buy this Cell-Phone from Shyden's Tool Dealer and by double clicking on it, it will open its main menu.

IC Facts

  • First and foremost, YES the cellphone can be used IC! If you want your character to have cellphone communication rather than an Emperium Shard, you are more than welcome!
  • The cellphone was invented for the first in the Schwarzvald Republic, specifically Einbroch.
  • The cellphone on Advent is in a very crude form; it’s rather big in size…it’s a bit larger than your computer mouse. Most of the cellphones purchased as quite a big screen too, for the Map to be clearly shown.
  • The cellphone doesn’t have an acid battery but instead it has an Emperium battery with an Emperium antenna. This is to facilitate the use of the stone more than inventing it for communication purposes. Usually one cannot text or see the map through the stone, however now through the cellphone they can.
  • The cellphone has a habit to malfunction or stop working quite quickly as it is still a new invention in Advent. A lifespan of the product released is usually at max a year and a half if one is lucky.

Other Notes

If you find any bugs in the cellphone system, please report through Forum PM or IRC Channel to Davven.

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