Donation system is run completely by Davven. Any and all questions or concerns about the donation system should be directed to him.

All those who wish to Donate for AdventRO are more then welcome.

In the donation system, for every €1 (about $1.50 USD) donated, you get 1 gold coin item in-game. With these gold coins, you can buy a multitude of things, such as houses, MVP cards, custom maps, rare items, or custom items. This is highly versatile and must always previously be discussed prior to donation with Davven to ensure these benefit your role playing experience rather than ruin it!

If you want to donate or know more about how many gold coins are needed for certain things, contact Davven via PM on the forums or on MSN: moc.liamtoh|duolc-nevvad#moc.liamtoh|duolc-nevvad

Here is an incomplete price-list of some of the more useful items in game, to give an idea:


  • Elder Card
    • Level 2 Warp
      • 5 gold coins
  • Vitata Card
    • Level 11 Heal (9999 HP restore)
      • 8 gold coins
  • Doppelgänger Card
    • Enables max (197) aspd
      • 25 gold coins
  • Tao Gunka Card
    • +75% HP, -25 DEF/MDEF
      • 25 gold coins
  • Golden Thief Bug Card
    • Halves all magic damage received
      • 20 gold coins
  • Moonlight Flower Card
    • +85% movement speed
      • 10 gold coins
  • Prince of Emo Card
    • +5 all stats, reveal cloaked players/monsters
      • 15 gold coins


Any house purchased will have a sign outside stating your character's ownership.

  • Small house: 10 gold coins
  • Medium house: 15 gold coins
  • Large house: 20 gold coins

Custom maps:

As for maps, you cannot buy a town or settlement. The idea is for mostly for housing, castles, gardens, or other such personally-owned places.

Custom items:

You can purchase a custom item with a sprite and the effects of your choosing. However, it is up to the donator to speak with Davven prior to donating about what this item is and what it does.

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