Fishing System


This is a system that was created by Davven, not the same that eA uses.

What is required?

You'll need a Rod, which can be bought from Shyden's Tool Dealer and whatever bait you require.
Anyway, you'll see when you find one of the spots.

The 5 Fishing Spots

  • In Shyden's Port (1 map North West of Shyden)
  • In Comodo, (In Comodo Village)
  • In Louyang Field (1 map South of Louyang)
  • In Jawaii (In Jawaii Beach)
  • In Alberta (Alberta Town).

What can be found?

This will remain a secret, but we assure you that whatever that is found is worth working for~

NB: There is a particular AWESOME thing you can get.

Other Notes

If you find any bugs in the cellphone system, please report through Forum PM or IRC Channel to Davven.

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