High Status & Foreign Lands Approvals

Ah yes, we all like some good old noble-status and foreign places, don’t we? Well, we are glad to inform you that the world your character is currently living in is a VERY large one and personalized blood-lines of nobility are available for players! However these will require approvals.

These are under approval so that we will know who is what and where do the come from, as we would like to know our world from corner to corner. We are after all the “Gods” of Advent, therefore we must know everything~

Joking about the Gods part, but we do want to know what’s there in our world because some places simply don’t fit in the world. We would need to help you in order for your place or character to exist in concept as close to your original as possible.

NB: On a related note, these approvals can either be sent as a whole or separately. Let’s say your character is a complete foreigner, with high status and originating from a Foreign Land; they will require both the approvals in one form. If your character is a High Status within Advent, then only need High Status Approval. If you want to just add your Kingdom in order to plan for further plots, then you will only need to send the Foreign Lands Approval.

General Rules

High Status Character

  • A high-status character is not known automatically by all characters in-game just because they are of high-status, so they start out as famous as a completely new character would be. Fame is acquired by how much you interact with the community ICly.
  • Never assume that a high-status character is more powerful than a citizen strength and magic wise. This is only just a title and it must remain as so. If you want to be more powerful by strength or magic, go for a Power Approval.
  • High-Status character might have heirlooms and important items, which we fully understand. However if an item in question does something special, an Item Approval is required.
  • There are no limits on how much you can own!

Foreign Lands:

  • If your character can originate from somewhere in Advent, please do so, because this approval can result to be VERY hassling. We will not accept foreign places just to say it is there. There must be a reason why this place exists and it must be original.
  • Never assume that whatever the place is, be it a Kingdom or a small village, will be known in Advent right off the bat. Spread its fame through your character as the character is basically a representative of the place it is originating from.
  • Your place will be as much active as your character will be, therefore make sure you’ll make the best out of your representative.
  • Only one Foreign Land can be approved per player
NB: If you role-play well and raise your character’s fame, we STs may just decide to give you a house for your nobility or royalty to settle in as an Ambassador Establishment of your country or Nobility House for your noble blood-line to flourish! Such places usually are only obtainable through donation, however if obtained through hard-work role-play and interaction with ST characters and a lot of player characters, this will be given for free. It will be completely yours; a sign will be put and you have every right to kick out any character ICly from the place!

High Status Characters Approvals:

High Status characters are to follow the following guidelines, as there are certain things we will allow and not allow depending on where the character originates.
On a related note, foreign characters cannot be approved before they have their Foreign Land approved. Please read the General Section for a clearer explanation about this matter.
Titles available:

  • Dutch and Duchess
  • Baron and Baroness
  • Princess and Prince
  • Lord/King and Lady/Queen (for foreign lands only)


  • Nobles within the continent of Advent
  • Nobles foreign to continent of Advent
  • Royalty foreign to continent of Advent


  • Royalty within continent of Advent as these in Advent are considered to be Political Figures, they must be obtained through role-play and handed down to players by STs.

Foreign Lands

Well these are a very tricky subject to handle, therefore they will need to be sent through approval in forums and sent to the Approval ST. If something is not right, there will be a thorough discussion with Audrey-Tifa in order to get them to reach a decisive answer.

However here is what we are expecting when we receive this kind of approval:

  • General Information
    • Kingdom’s name, it’s a must
    • Years of existence, a place cannot be older than 5000 years.
  • Politics
    • Political System
    • Political Figure: Does it have a King or a President?
    • Military
  • Culture
    • Setting and Comparison to real life; what does it look like? Is it set in, for example, the American 1900s or Medieval Endland? Match with the closest you can to give us an clearer idea!
    • Clothing style; how do they look stereotypically? Do they dress like your grandmother nowadays or do they look like peasants from the old past?
  • Religion
    • Religious System and Name; please no Christianism, Buddhism, Tao or Satanism! We're not here to make the replica of Earth but here to build an Advent.
    • System Functionality: How does it work? Any specific ways how they usually worship or put up their offerings? Is there a solid structure of priest ranks? Mention it here.
    • Religious Figure, if any
    • Priesthood Name, if any
  • History
    • Anything that happened that burdened the place?
    • Timeline; this is an optional choice, however it would be a very nice addition.
    • Any particular feasts they celebrate?

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