IRC Channel

Are you looking where the community usually gathers for OOC chatting? Well, you are on the right page therefore. We have an IRC channel exactly for that purpose and we are quite pleased to say that the chat is a very active one. Around 10 to 20 people gather in it everyday and chat about different interesting topics, therefore if you want to hop in, feel free to do so!

IRC Details

For mIRC

Channel: #adventro
Port: 6667

For Mibbit

Mibbit Web Client

To join in chat, you have to do the following:

  • In the IRC: dropdown menu, select MintIRC [webirc]
  • Type your nickname in the Nickname box, whatever you like as long as it is not vulgar.
  • Type in the channel in the Channel Box, which is #adventro

Channel Rules

By entering and using AdventRO's IRC channel you agree to abide by these rules, you agree to and accept the guidelines of the staff members/OPs, and accept any punishment you are given based upon the judgment of the staff members/OPs.

  • Flaming, disrespectful and/or disruptive arguments and/or disrespectfully presented opinions are to be kept to yourself or in PMs. Use common sense. If what you are saying is deemed as disrespectful or disruptive by a staff member, abide by their guidelines.
  • Do not post pornographic material. Any suggestive material (artistic nudity or general NSFW("not safe for work")) is to only be posted if the user presents a warning label beforehand, ie: " Sage: Warning, NSFW: " Use common sense in what is appropriate and what is not. If an image is judged inappropriate by the staff, abide by their guidelines.
  • Do not be overly obscene in the channel. Lenience is given here, however, if someone states that they are bothered by your discussion, use courtesy and continue your discussion in a PM or another channel. If a staff member asks you to stop stating obscenities, abide by their guidelines.
  • This channel's main langue is English. Do not carry on discussions with others in any other language except English. Demonstrating a few words or phrases in another language is fine. Use your common sense; if a staff member says you are carrying on too much of a discussion in another language that is not English, abide by their guidelines.
  • Do not advertise or mention the names of other Ragnarok Online servers, private or official. Other games besides Ragnarok Online are fine.

All of the content being presented by anyone in the IRC channel, whether it be in words or graphics, is subject to the judgment by the OPs (AdventRO staff). Failure to comply with the staff's requests will result in a punishment seen fit by the staff (kick, mute, temporary ban, permanent ban).

Asking for help through IRC Channel regarding AdventRO

So you don't know whom to approach to solve your issues in game or you don't know something regarding storyline? This section is for you.

We understand that sometimes you'd want to approach the STs personally in order to have one on one discussions, however we ask you to first attempt to send Forum PM in order to get your, say, an approval carried out. If there are any doubts about a certain race or spontaneous finding of bugs do not hesitate to use the IRC, as it is a quicker ways to fix what burdens your mind. Make sure you contact the right person though, as a few others are merely Moderators of the Channel!

People to contact

  • Davven: The Technical Guy around AdventRO; if you have any bugs to report or a malfunction in-game, you are free to contact him.
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