Mining System


Sick of grinding to get your Eluniums and Oricedon? Well now you can get these through a system that Davven has created called the Mining System. It does just like what the systems is called, mining your ores and getting paid for it!

Where is it found?

This system is found in Einbech, near the mines at the top of the map of the place.

Who to talk to?

There is an NPC called Mining-Manager. He will offer you a job to mine and he will give you a salary everytime you activate the system. Of course no one can mine all day, therefore everytime you finish a job you have to restif you wish to continue to mine some ores.

What can be found?

Items to be found:

  • Oricedon
  • Elunium
  • Emperium
  • A lot of other gems and stones
  • A few surprises, such as accessories and items that do not usually drop from monsters!
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