Powers & Items Approvals

Everyone likes a power to be unique and useful at the same time or an item that would aid them in their daily quests, correct? Well, you are able to get one for you character in Advent! However there are certain powers or items that can never be obtained here as they may be too over-powered or simply just doesn’t make sense in the setting of Advent, however though discussion with the Approval ST, we are sure that something could be amended.
On a related note, while Powers Approval exists so that there will be no form of god-modding in-game, the Items approval exists for those items that are simply not found as a form of an item that do not appear in your inventory. Of course, the existance of the Item Approval is the same as the Power Approval.

Power & Items Approval Rules

When it comes to Powers and Items there are a lot of approvals that can be accepted, however they must follow the rules that are enlisted below:

  • You are to send your race approval to Audrey-Tifa through Forum PM
  • You are to label your race approval as Power/Item Approval when sending your approval.
  • If your approval gets approved, you are to wait for 30 days before you send another approval.

When it comes to creating your approval, take in consideration the following

  • Originality in creation of power and item. This is a golden rule that everyone must follow; we ask you to be VERY original on the power or time that you create, so please no animu powers. After all Advent is not a place for the epic and the cool, it’s a place for role-play. Now we know that players get inspired by foreign sources, however a blatant rip-off is not appreciated. If you wish to make a power with such a matter and do not know how to adapt it in your own personal way, contact Audrey-Tifa and the matter in question will be discussed further.
  • Every power or item must have a pro and a con. This means that if a power or an item is to be created and has a bonus, it must have a weakness or a backfire of any form. No matter how powerful the matter is, nothing is perfect in the world of Advent.
  • Powers or items will not guarantee you more success in any situation What we mean by this is that there is no way that this will give you an advantage against the character you are encountering. Let’s say you are in a battle and your character owns an amulet that will boost your strength; it doesn’t mean that by default you are stronger than the other character because you don’t know how much that character has trained or if he has an item that might nullify your amulet. Please never assume you are stronger than the rest.
  • A power or an item must have at least a little history. Nothing is created out of nothing, therefore it must have originated from somewhere after all, right?

Power Approval; what is allowed and what’s not


  • Anything that is not god-moddy in general
  • Powers that give a boost of any kind. Of course, this must have an equal downside


  • Powers of mass-destructive. No one under the skies of Advent is a God except, of course, the Gods themselves and a few ST characters (which have a good reason why they are so for that matter).
  • One-hit-kill powers. This is considered as god-modding, something that in Advent we will never allow.
  • Creation Powers. Do not get it confused with the homunculus. Homunculi on Advent are considered as experiments with living matter and not a completely new creation. Only the Gods are able to do this act and therefore there is no way that a living mortal can just create something.
  • Resurrecting powers. Death on Advent is a very permanent thing and we are not talking about when you die while leveling your character; that is considered as a knock out. If a person dies in Advent there is no way that another person can overthrow the powerful Cycle of the World. Resurrection on Advent works way differently; only the Gods can do such an act and we only allow one resurrection of a character per player. This does not mean that you can freely resurrect a character on your own either; if you think you have a very good reason why your character should come back to life, talk to Audrey-Tifa or Davven.
  • Regeneration powers. Now by regeneration powers we are refering about say, losing a whole arm and making it magically grow back. This is something that in the real world can never be done. There are other non-human races that can regenerate certain features back however, such as a half-cut wing or a cut-off horn, however this must be precisely specified in the Race Wiki Page. If it is not listed down, then whatever the character with race in question loses cannot gain it back (therefore, take good care of your character if you don’t want him to lose his fingers or his leg).
  • Mind Reading. Please, no one in the world in the real world can mind read another character and it is so in Advent as well.
  • Aura Sight. There IS a thing such as auras on Advent, however a player character can never own such a power. You can never determine what the character is just by seeing the colour that surrounds them as you never know what the person really is before you get to know them, just like you can never know their names before they tell you.

Item Approval, what is allowed and what’s not


  • Anything that is not god-moddy in general
  • Items that give a small resistance to a certain type of magic
  • Items for fun or for the giggles, such as a hat that changes personality of a character if worn


  • Items/weapons of mass destruction.
  • Overpowered item. No god-modding please.
  • Items that offer complete immunity to any kind of magic. No one is immune to anything, not even the ST characters themselves!
  • Demonic Items. They simply don’t exist yet and if they do, they are strictly passed down only from ST characters.
  • Divine Items. Unlike the Demonic Items, these already exist in advent, however these can only be passed down strictly from ST characters.
  • Technology advances beyond Steampunk This is because Advent has a Steampunk setting for technology and nothing basically works with nanotechnology or microscopic microchips. Even though there are certain technological advances that exist such as the cell-phones, these are to be considered in their very crudest form, so no James Bond laser pocket pen or Batman’s car.
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