Races Approvals


The Race approvals are there to keep control on the all of the non-human races that are on Advent that might get abused if such a thing is not done. The only race that can be played without an approval are:

This is the following list that needs approvals at all costs:

  • Races that are listed in Races page except the races listed under “Natural Races”
  • Any small in-game monsters, such as Porings, Bapho JR., Zealotus ect.
  • Mini Bosses, such as Deviling, Gallion ect.

Race Approval Rules

  • You are to send your race approval to Audrey-Tifa through Forum PM
  • You are to label your race approval as Race Approval when sending your approval.
  • If your approval gets approved, you are to wait for 30 days before you send another approval.
  • You can as much approvals as much as you want! That’s right; there are no slots or limits regarding how much races you can own. You simply have to abide to the rules above and you’re good to go!
NB: There are a few races that have a monster sprites in-game but are considered as a major race in Advent, such as the Succubi/Incubi and Naga/Isis. We suggest that you pay a visit to the “Races of Advent” page and check if you are considering making a race in order to see what races are there that have already information about them. If you are going to make a character that does not have racial information about the monster/race in question, contact Audrey-Tifa for discussion either though the IRC when available or through forums. Remember: we are here to help!

What can never be approved for

Now you may wonder if there are any beings or races that can never be done on Advent. Our answer is: well…of course there are; this is a moderated server with a fixed storyline, therefore godly entities and things that exist in other stories do not exist here. Either way, this is what a player can never have:

  • Gods or Celestial Beings They are ST-only characters.
  • Angels The concept of “angel” on Advent is far different from the usual norm. Their equivalents are the Valkyries and only STs can play these characters.
  • Demons The concept of “demon” on Advent is not the demon that we know from other stories or what is defined in Mythologies and Religions and their equivalent are Sagis’ spawns. We can safely say that these do not exist in Advent yet (if they do, it must be because the god Sagis is around).
  • Half Breeds There are simply no half-breeds on Advent. If for example say, there is a couple that consists of a Merfolk and a Human; their offspring will be either a Merfollk or a Human.
  • MVPs or In-Game Major Bosses A few can be only passed down to players by STs depending on what they are, such as Detale in which the name itself is considered to be the title for the Drago Leader. However most of the MVPs are ST only.
NB: If you think you have a good history for ANY race that exists on Advent or an idea for a new race, please contact Audrey-Tifa for further discussion. We like new ideas, so go right ahead and contact us!
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