Story Approvals


Well this may seem pretty harsh, however we STs don't allow everything to happen on Advent. What do we mean? This means that you can't invent a major event and not getting it approved. You can't make anything that endangers the world without getting it approved…even if it is private RP.

What will require approval?

Abmornal character profiles

Did your character get involved with a major company, had a particular experience in the Scholar Academy of Yuno, went through an experiment and got his appearance changed or anything similar? Please let us know!

Player Plots

Please PLEASE we need to know what's on your mind! Several things have already been used in main plot and we would not wish for your plots to clash with ours in any way possible. Also, we would like to know if something is being used so that we'd deny other player from using it while you execute your plot.
Example: Imagine if the world had to have 5 Draculas in different spots doing something different, yet they're all happening at the same time and they're the same person. Is it feasible? I highly doubt it; there's only one Dracula in existence of Advent. Or let's say there is a Hugel; suddenly this Hugel is blown to bits in a private RP and the rest of the server (including STs) don't know about it. I doubt Hugel would be build in a day, correct? So….be reasonable and be sensible when making your stories.

General Rules

  • You can only send one story every 30 days.
  • You are to send your approval to Audrey-Tifa on forums.
  • Please label your PM as Story Approval when sending your PM

What is not allowed on your own and can never have approval for?

  • No stories about:
    • About Gods and Godly Minions; we have enough of them for now and we really wish that Dieties do not interfere in the daily life of Advent as much as possible. If they have to, that's for us STs to decide.
    • About the End of the World; only we STs know when that will happen
    • That will endanger a town or an area; major environment impact is completely in the hands of STs and no player-played character is that powerful.
    • About people coming from other dimensions; there are NO other dimensions on Advent.
    • Extraterrestrials from outside from the constellation which Advent exists in can access here, as it is too far for them and there are barriers set up by the Gods or Celestial Beings themselves. No mortal can override such powerful magic, not even ST characters themselves.
    • Extraterrestrials from the same constellation of Advent; they are all dead planets so no life forms exist except the planet which Advent continent is in.

What has be approved for?

  • Anything that is abnormal yet it doesn't involve any of the non-allowed factors above. Let us hear your stories!

What can be done without approval?

  • Socializing with a fellow character
  • Daily life problems
  • A picnic maybe?
  • A rivality or enemy against another character
  • Normal villainy, such as murder and theft (be warned; if reported to STs the villain will be added in the Bounty List)
NB: May we remind you that there is more than just looking cool and epic in Advent. It's not how nice, sexy, weird or powerful your character is that will determine how much you are able to roleplay but how well your character will develop, how useful and how unique your character is throughout the server. What counts is originality and creativity you are and how well can you portray your character to the rest of your community.
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