Treasure System


This system consists of getting four kinds of keys to unlock their respective treasure. This has been implated to create a in-game treasure hunt, so go and kill those monsters and start running around Advent to get unique items and you can never find through normal drops! However be warned; once the treasure chest is open, the treasure box will move in another random location on the same map.


  • Platinum Keys From Heidelberg Quest. (Old-Man Collector)
  • Silver Key at 50% From MVPs and some random monsters.
  • Gold Key at 30% From MVPs and some random monsters.
  • Bronze Key at 50% from Poring Island Mobs and some random monsters.

Where are they found?

Poring Island Mobs that drop said keys

  • Angeling
  • Deviling
  • Archangeling
  • Ghostring
  • Mastering
  • and others.

MVPs that Drop said keys

  • ALL MVPs!
  • and others~

Treasures Locations

  • Payon Dungeon Floors: Pay_dun02 Bronze chests. Pay_dun03 Silver chests. Pay_dun04 Gold Chests.
  • Odin Temple Fields: Odin_tem01 Bronze Chests. Odin_tem02 Silver chests. Odin_tem03 Gold Chests.
  • Amastu Dungeon Floors: Ama_dun01 Bronze Chests. Ama_dun02 Silver Chests. Ama_dun03 Gold Chests.
  • Anthell Dungeoun: Anthell01 Bronze Chests. Anthell02 Silver Chests.
  • Sunken Ship Floors: Treasure01 Bronze Chests and Silver. Treasure02 Gold chests.
  • Bibilan Dungeon Floors: Iz_dun02 Bronze Chests. Iz_dun03 Silver Chests.
  • Abyss Lake floors: Abyss_dun01 Bronze Chests. Abyss_dun02 Silver Chests. Abyss_dun03 Gold Chests.
  • Poring Island: pay_fild04 Bronze Chests.
  • Geffen Dungeon: Gef_dun01 Silver Chests. Gef_dun02 Golden Chests.
  • Gonryun Dungeon: Gon_dun01 Bronze Chests. Gon_Dun02 Silver Chests. Gon_Dun03 Golden Chests.
  • Baldur Dungeoun: gld_dun01 for Platinum Chests. It needs 2 keys to open.
Type /where command IG to know on which map you're in in case you get doubts or lost.

Other Notes

I will keep upgrading/Updating this System, making more MVPs that drop the keys, more Chests in more Fields and Dungeons, ect.

Also, the chance of finding different items that you can randomly get from chests is increased "x2" for each chest. We will appreciate if anyone tries and test these, and if you find any bugs, please
inform Davven through Forum PM or IRC Channel.

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