• Main town: Goldvale Sands
  • Leader: Elder (no player)
  • Lifespan: 120-140 years of age
  • Racial Features: Cat-like features, cat ears and tail


The bastet is a race of pride and fine hygiene. They are a well groomed and very vain race as a whole. This is most likely due to the fact that they were worshipped and treated as though they were divine beings sent to channel the energies of the gods into the planet.

Physical traits & transformations

The race itself looks fairly human despite a few small features. Most bastet, having originated from the morroc area, are of a tanned skin tone. The ears of a bastet are cat like, atop the head and can even help to show the emotions of a bastet much like a normal feline. The bastet race also has a cat like tail which extends to be about 3 feet, though this of course varies based on each individual as do most features of any race.


The bastet is a very proud race, acting quite vain and seeing themselves as superior to the other races. Though they take on many features of a feline they only share two abilities that other felines have. The bastet race is a very graceful and acrobatic species, able to move with great agility and flexibility. The race also can boast great eyesight when in a dark area, though this does not mean they have the ability to see the invisible.

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