• Maintown: The Abyss Lake
  • Leader: None
  • Lifespan: 400 years
  • Racial Features: Dragon Wings, Dragon Tail and sometimes Dragon Horns


The dragos, an ancient race of dragon-like people who have honed their skills in combat, they are among some of the older races still walking on Advent and have passed down great knowledge through their ancestors. The Dragos were originally located near the Abyss Lake and have since then spread out all across Advent. Though not always so often seen, the Dragos possess a great deal of knowledge of ancient times in Advent.

Physical traits & transformations

The dragos are easily noticeable even in their less animalistic forms, their long tails and wings are hard shrug off even in a crowd, and upon closer inspection dragon like scales also can be noticed upon their skin, though often mistaken for foreign jewellery. The dragos can also change their shape to their natural forms, the dragon. While not a massive beast that some others are, the dragon form of a dragos is still nothing to look down upon; while they are smaller they can poses great strength should they train hard enough.


The average life span of a dragos is anywhere from 350 to 400 years old given the health of the individual, though signs of ageing don’t start to show until age 320 and slowly progress from there. A strong and proud race, the dragos are very defensive, selfless and caring once befriended though when provoked or insulted, they are likely to make an example of the ones to have dishonoured them.


One must note, a dragos is not a dragon. A dragon is a beast of immense power and destructive capability which is fuelled by an animalistic nature and lifestyle. A dragos, while having blood ties to dragons, are far more intelligent and social integration has allowed for dragos to be publically accepted. Consider the dragos as a member of the dragon family, but not dragons themselves.

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