• Main town: Hoomga Jungle, Luluka Forest (Umbala area)
  • Leader: No Player
  • Lifespan: 1000 years


Dryads have had their places in the wilderness and forest areas of Advent since the beginning of the world. Their main gathering, however, is in the Umbalan region. Having been living everywhere and anywhere, Dryads are hard individuals to spot out unless they either identify themselves or they are spotted during transformation. Being the closest race to Nature, Dryads are known to have an affinity to Occult Magic.


  • Affinity to [[[ic-information|elementalmagic|Earth Magic]]] and Occult Magic
  • Transformation into full plants (according to their respective plant type)


  • Cannot live in areas that lack Nature (such as deserts)
  • Not able to use Fire, Lightning and Ice Magics

Physical Traits

In their human form, they are generally plant-like and lithe, moving gracefully and having a slender appearance. Their skin has a light wood-grain pattern on it, and they usually, but not always, have earthy-coloured hair such as green or brown. They have pointed ears and may sometimes have small branches, leaves or other plant parts attached to them. In their botanical form, they appear completely like whatever plant they are (dryads can be born as any single type of plant, tree, bush etc) yet are able to speak; locomotion is not possible in this form since their roots must remain in the ground, though they can move their branches and leaves.

Dryads cannot use Fire, Lightning and Ice Magics however they are perfectly able to use the rest, though primarily they are masters of Druidism. They are peace-loving people who have been known to be pacifists; however, in the recent events in which the destruction of their homelands threatens them and other forest-dwelling creatures, they have taken the initiative to train in for defensive combat. They are not known to use any weapons, for their bodies serve as excellent weapons on their own. Nonetheless, Dryads view battle as a last-resort initiative. They worship and protect nature according to the laws of Druidism, a branch of magic that they have kept secret since the ancient days.


Dryads do not give birth; they reproduce like plants. They are capable of both asexual and sexual reproduction, and do not experience pregnancy. When they feel ready, they drop spores (or whatever botanical method the Dryad's plant type uses) that will germinate underground and grow. In asexual reproduction, the offspring will be an exact replica of the parent; if the Dryad parent wishes, their consciousness will manifest within the child. If the Dryad chooses to reproduce with another of the opposite sex, the reproduction cycle will mimic that of a humans.

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