• Main town: Merrivale
  • Leader: Elven King (no player)
  • Lifespan: 1000 years
  • Racial Features: Long ears and abnormal height compared to human race.


The elves are a race of people who are very tall and slender for their kind, complete with vaulted ears. They reside in the city of Merrivale where they practice necromatic soul linking. They are seen as a very wise and mysterious race, due to the fact that they have one of the longest lifespans. Elves are known for their intense self-discipline and peaceful way of life.

Habitat & Lifestyle

The Elves used to live in their old city of Glastheim before they moved into the Amaranthine Forest, where nowadays the new Merrivale is built. having the exact layout and architecture of their former city. Around the Dark Era of Advent, the Elves' soul-linking spiralled out of control and cursed the city, leaving there former King roaming about Glastheim Castle with his cursed servants and citizens. The survivors of Glastheim fled from the Rune Empire and went across Tule Empire until they reached Amaranthine Forest to both forget their old city and to escape from the Runian King, rebuilding their power and glory in the forests.

Having mostly a Mayan influence, their architecture has a touch of Gothic into it as well. An elf however would not be comfortable in other cities however, as an elf doesn't usually leave his forest-oriented city to cities such as Einbroch. Therefore an elf rarely travels out of Merrivale.


Elves reproduce as normally as a human would, however they have a habit to stick with their own kind.

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