Faeries are a very busy and peaceful race that have existed since the beginning of Advent, yet have been overlooked for centuries due to keeping to their tiny residencies. They are extremely productive and inventive, but not at the expense of nature or other races. Most other races view faeries to be fun-loving and childlike, but they are viciously political and overall are a community of justice-enforcing people. They have never been involved in war, nor in weapon exporting/importing.

Habitat & Lifestyle

The grand faerie city of Bellan Dejour is ran by Queen Charmeuse, daughter of the former Queen Velvet. The royal faeries have a longer lifespan than average ones, ensuring peaceful and regulated rule. The city is extremely tiny to fit the size of the faeries; the average faerie is about 6 inches (15.5 cm). Recently, by decree of the Queen, diplomatic relationships have been established with other races and Bellan Dejour is open for others to visit. Larger species are shrunk down using a spell concocted by the Queen, so that the city won't be crushed.

Faeries are known to be extremely passionate about their beliefs and can show a nasty temper if angered. Due to their extremely petite and delicate body frames, they can be crushed easily; however, catching a faerie is indeed a difficult task for they are the most agile and speedy race. Of course, though, the physical strength of a faerie can never match that of a larger species; this is why they are naturally adept in elemental magics.

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