Harpies & Hillwinds
  • Maintown: Rebina Terra, in the Schwartzvald Republic
  • Leader: MorrĂ­gan Ravendark (Harpy Queen)
  • Lifespan: 300 years - click to see timeline
  • Racial Features: Wings attached to arms, slightly beady eyes and holes instead of ears.


The Hillwinds and Harpies are a race of bird-people who have made their dwelling in their hidden city of Rebina Terra somewhere in the desert of the Schwartzvald Republic. Being cut off from the rest of the cities, they have established ancient trade routes by air according to wind patterns. They are most friendly to humans, who are the main race that they have been trading with for centuries.

Racial Abilities:

  • Sharp eyesight
  • Sharp hearing
  • Flying
  • Affinity to Air Magic

Physical Traits

Hillwinds and Harpies have feathered arms that allow flight, and have tough, talon-like nails. They may have feather or scale patches randomly on them as well. They are of varying heights and body types, but they all have very keen eyesight and hearing.


Overall, they are a very merchant-oriented race, though there are many who take the path of warriors or peace-keepers. Due to being able to fly, their culture has many influences from outside races. Their crow-harpy queen, MorrĂ­gan Ravendark, is a known necromancer and a quiet but just ruler; most of the decisions made on behalf of the Harpy and Hillwind tribe are of conservative value, enforcing harmony through usefulness.

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