• Main Town: Al De Baran
  • Leader: None; invidual homunculus has its creator as its leader
  • Lifespan: Around 20 years
  • Racial features: Humanistic features (may be mutated)


Concentrated mostly in Al De Baran the Homunculus is not a popular "race". Rather than being an actual race,a homunculus is unique, being individually born in a laboratory, trained in a laboratory and rarely let out in the public. Lately the homunculus has started to gain a human form, yet it is still very very weak compared to the rest of the already existing races and a homunculus is still not intelligent enough to live on its own. Being compared to a human, it is noticed that a homunculus possesses a boosted talent such as abnormal intelligence, sharper eyesight or a skilled speech-maker while having a huge weakness, most of the time being very weak at combat.

In a few words it means that a homunculus is not godly and does not possess great super-powers. A homunculus is an invention, a man-made object, therefore it is very, very far from perfect. A homunculus possesses one skill that it is good at and one skill that is disastrous at.
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