• Maintown: Various
  • Leader: Various
  • Lifespan: 90-100


Humans are the most known populace of Advent; reason being is that they are seen to live throughout more of Advent in comparison to the other races. The humans do not excel at one specific thing but rather bring themselves to try and branch out into various sections. Some are warriors, other priests, other try to wield the power of various magic. The humans have been populating the world of Advent since the gods created it and even to this day worship their selected deities.

Physical traits & transformations

Humans take on a wide variety of body shape and sizes, and are considered one of the most adaptable races on Advent. The average human lives for anywhere between 90-100 years depending on the physical condition of the human in question.


The human, though a casual and well known race, posses great capabilities. They have no specific abilities for their race, however have shown in many cases, to be able to learn magics, excel in deadly arts, and even craft with great skill. It is in this ability to shape their own traits from practice rather than abilities given by special race attributes that the humans are best known for.

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