• Main town: Atlantis
  • Leader: Poseidon
  • Lifespan: 150 years
  • Racial Features: Fish tails when in merfolk form, fins at elbows and hearing holes hidden under fins.


The merfolk are a very curious and optimistic race that are almost always found in water. They have human-like torsos and vaulted ears with webbing. Their fingers also contain webbing, and their skin, hair and eyes can come in a multitude of colours. The lower portion of their body is a powerful tail built for navigation in water. They are capable of transforming their tail into human-like legs and walking upon land; merfolk rarely do so, for if they are out of water for more than six hours they begin to experience life-threatening dehydration. Every merperson is related to a certain type of marine animal, however they cannot change fully into the specific animal in question.


  • Affinity to Water Magic
  • Ability to change into semi-fish body
  • Faster swimming than other races
  • Underwater breathing

Habitat & Lifestyle

Due to being confined to the water almost exclusively, many people of differing races aren't even aware of the existence of merfolk. Merfolk have many cities throughout the seas and even some large lakes, but their main capital is Atlantis, which has yet to be seen by anyone other than the merfolk themselves. It is very, very deep under water and displays grand merfolkian architecture of marble and stone with semi-precious gemstones. Merfolk greatly covet knowledge and wealth, but are known to be generous and cannot help but share what they have with those whose company they enjoy.

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