Nagas & Isises
  • Main town: Thebes
  • Leader: (none specified)
  • Lifespan: 90 years
  • Racial Features**: Snake tail in snake form, sand-coloured skin, slanting eye with slitted pupil and occasional scale-patches on skin.


Nagas and isises are a very prestigious and mysterious race who live in the desert sands. They have the upper torso and head of a human and the lower body of a snake, though they are capable of fully transforming into a human form, though only for a few hours (6 hours max). As a race, they have very snake-like tendencies, such as consuming their food whole and tunneling through the ground (no, not concrete or obviously hard surfaces or substances). They have a very keen sense of sight and an assassin-orientated class could never fool them easily. Another noticeable feature of nagas and isises is that they have large fangs that can secrete venom (they are not immune to their own venom, however) and occasional scales on the fleshy parts of their bodies.


  • Affinity to Poison-elemented techniques
  • Faster tunneling
  • Keen eyesight (can see through cloaking)

Habitat & Lifestyle

Nagas and isises live in and under the desert sands. Their capital city is located near Ant Hill, where none but the nagas and isises themselves have been..

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