• Maintown: Lochdell
  • Leader: Orc Lord
  • Lifespan: 150 years


The orc is a race primarily known for it's strength, they are a race originally from Lochdell. Though despite some of the orcs having become somewhat cultured, they still retain some if not all their brutish strength and are naturally born warriors. Able to lift heavy objects, and wield mighty and large weapons, the orc is a race of originally honour bound giants whom are fierce in combat, and loyal to their comrades.

Physical traits

The orcs have two various sets of traits, these depict which out of two classes of orcs they are. There are what are known as Primal, and Cultured orcs, through observation one can almost immediately tell the difference between the two though.

Primal Orcs: Primal orcs are those found now in Lochdell, these are the pure bloodline orcs whom are built firm and strong, and through their warrior inspired lives, become beacons of power and strength. The are large, standing anywhere from 7-8 feet and are extremely muscular due to their lifestyle. They have large tusks and horns, and their thick green skin makes them very resistant to physical injuries from punches or kicks.

Cultured Orcs: These orcs have a different story than most have heard from the Primals. The cultured orcs are more human looking, much like larger humans with green skin, they speak well and despite having become somewhat civilized through years of living amongst other races, they still retain some of their strength. This is not to say that they are as strong as a primal orc, but that they are indeed stronger than humans. Cultured orcs also have no tusks, but they do have horns. While being proficient in matters of strength, they can only become moderately skilled in matter of magic due to their not being magically inclined ever since their primal days.


The orcs were once a unified people, they shared their same fondness for battle, and to find the way of the warrior. Many orcs believed this to be the only way to live through their life, and remained content with their harsh lifestyle. However, as time progressed, many orcs began to see use in what the others races were exploring, many orcs thought they should they try to progress as others had, they could become smarter, stronger, and become closer to finding a path to becoming great warriors. The two groups were at odds end, soon beginning to fight amongst one another and even raging a civil war known to them as 'The Era of Blood'. Even now there is great anger between both tribes, and there seems to be little sign of end. While the cultured orcs live amongst the other races peacefully and in the same manner as them, the primal orcs live in their traditional fashion, living by the blade and never backing down to any challenge.

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