Poppets are patchwork people made of cloth. Some of them are quite raggety, with repair stitches and patches all over; some are more sleek and in good shape, looking like an oversized child's toy. They are capable of thinking, feeling, speaking, walking, etc. The poppets were all hand-stitched and given life by Madam Cossette through a form of magic never seen in the world of Advent, though she seems to excel in it greatly. They are generally quite optimistic creatures who mostly all work in the Cirque du Maudit, entertaining people of all ages as the circus travels the world. However, some poppets have strayed from the circus to pursue other goals of their own; some have even forgotten who created them and where they came from, through unexplainable anomalies in the magic that gives them life.

Physical Traits

Poppets are made completely of cloth. They may be stitched of mis-matched, different pieces as well. No one but Madam Cossette knows how these life-sized dolls are able to live and breathe like people, but the notion doesn't seem to bother them much. Poppets may have random buttons, zippers, stitches, and etcetera stitched to them; they are all unique, and most seem to dress in in a Bohemian/Gypsy style, perhaps due to their nomadic lifestyle.


Poppets are extremely poor in magic. It is unknown if they have souls, but they are capable of channeling just enough soul energy to be considered a novice in one type of Cabalistic magic throughout their lifetime. With their level of profession, they are able to perform magic tricks and fireworks for crowds in circus performances. In the event that a poppet were to attack someone, their magic would be more of a nuisance than a threat to their opponent.


Poppets are incapable of reproduction. If they so wished to sew another poppet, they could do so; however, only Madam Cossette is capable of bringing life to the poppet.
The first poppet, Tearosie, was created in late August. All poppets were created subsequently.

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