Succubi & Incubi
  • Main town: Geffenia
  • Leader: (none specified yet)
  • [Lifespan]: 1000 years
  • Racial Features: Wings and Horns with human features.


Originating from bats, the succubi and incubi are a curious race who mysteriously feed off of the amorous feelings of others however they weren't always this way; it is noted that Incubi and Succubi "evolved" into feeding off in such a manner past the Evolution Era and instead around the Dark Era of Advent. In the past, during a more primitive era, racess classified them with demons and believed that succubi and incubi were their enemies. Due to several mishaps during the Dark Era of Advent, this race's main city has been buried in an earthquake when the earth shook, split and covered them with the soils, locking them in a sort of sealed valley. Becoming an underground city, Incubi and Succubi dug their way out of the earth and surfaced inside of Geffen Tower thousands of years later, where the rest of the races thought they were a curse from the depths of the earth. Struggling for their rights, Incubi and Succubi are now recognised to be a race through and through, yet some still have an instinctive disliking for succubi and incubi, as they are a proud race with breath-taking beauty to envy. They are also able to see through illusionary spells of novice and moderate spellcasters, and occasionally experts.

Due to their food source being positive feelings evoked from other races, incubi and succubi tend to be "swingers." If one were to wish to settle down with only one person to be their lover, they would start to lose their immortality; an incubus/succubus's lifespan is bound to that of their pronounced lover's. This is why one rarely comes across an incubus or succubus in a consistent relationship; thus, being oddly proud of this, they are often seen as daring, seductive and arrogant.


  • Affinity to Magic
  • Ability to see through illusionary spells (depending on the character's magical advancement)
  • Feeding off in two manners; spiritually through feeding off feelings of others' and themselves and materially through normal food
  • Entering in others' dreams while the individual is sleeping
  • Flying

Habitat & Lifestyle

Incubi and succubi live in the underground city of Geffenia. Most other races make it a habit not to come into this city, for they would be fed upon until they perished. The city is a land of gothic architecture and green fields, with unintelligent creatures residing there as well.

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