• Main town: Nowhere
  • Leader: Dracula (no player)
  • [Lifespan]: ??? years
  • Racial Features: Pale skin, pointed canines, fragile body frame and red eyes.


The vampires of Advent are not exactly a race; they are born from a sickness that has been spreading out ever since the Dark Era of Advent. Dracula, being the first vampire known to Advent, was cursed by a Shaman of unknown origins and nobody knows what was he doing on the doorstep of Dracula's mansion since the particular details are lost to the winds. For more specific details, one can find the Legend of Dracula in the Scholar Academy of Yuno in a form of an old documentations dating from the old Empire of Rune.
After thousands of years of existence, several vampires evolved and managed to survive until nowadays as they fed mostly off animal blood to avoid being persecuted by the Law of the Kingdoms and Regions. Only recently have they been recognised as a "race" on Advent as several remained strong throughout the years, yet it is rumored that the Triantistic Church of Prontera are doing extensive research to find a cure for this curse…



  • Night-walkers; sunlight is deadly
  • Dependent on blood, cannot consume any material food

Physical Traits

It is common knowledge nowadays that once someone becomes a Vampire, it takes months for the person in question to lose their strength in favor to developing their magical side, therefore they grow weaker in body while they grow stronger in their spirituality. A vampire can only keep his former natural strength by feeding off regularly, which will only be available so for around 5 to 7 months. After that no matter how much they feed, the physical strength will deteriorate from them and they will be able to move normally still, even run if they want to, yet they will be incapable of carrying any large weaponry or heavy armor. they would have to go for the smaller blades and the lighter armor, such as cloth and leather.
They are also particularly compatible with Necro Magic or "Necromancy" while they are incapable to ever use Life Magics. Elemental Magic and Occult Magic is still available for this race to use.

Habitat & Lifestyle

Vampires live anywhere and everywhere, though their unofficial capital is currently Niflheim which is the capital city for all undead citizens. They tend to live in groups of other vampires or by themselves, and frequent taverns often for the "red drink" sold in such places. If a vampire does not feed within three days, they will perish and their body will become a soul-less zombie, unable to be restored.


Vampires are only able to reproduce by allowing another human or elf to drink their blood. Any other race that is not human or elven that drinks the blood of a vampire will experience total organ failure and cease life immediately. A sire vampire and its childe offspring usually hold a special bond, where the the sire passes on all information needed to survive to the childe.

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