• Maintown: Wolvesfield Crags
  • Leader: Atroce (no player)
  • Lifespan: 80 years
  • Racial Features: wolf-like features, wolf ears and tail.


A race so ferocious it could only be born into such tenacity…The werewolf is Advent’s most animalistic and wild race. Though originally descendants of the Kobolds, the werewolves were said to have conflicted with them on multiple issues, causing them to leave in pursuit of their own ideals. As they travelled, they grew further north, and encountered harsh terrain and new predators to which they were forced to adapt to. They became larger, fiercer in nature and soon developed new strengths to contribute to their change.


  • Affinity to strength

Physical traits & transformations

The werewolf is a pinnacle of bodily strength, having a highly toned upper and lower body with a thinner mid section. This allows them to run at above average speeds and posses above average strengths, but they are not hulking beasts that can uproot trees. Their true strength is their durability in a combative situation, able to withstand great deals of damage before going down. Along with this the werewolf posses a heightened sense of taste, smell, and hearing making them a feared predator. A werewolf has a lifespan of about 65-80 year depending on its health and activity, as some werewolves grow less active in age. Another myth is that a werewolf can convert others to werewolves; this however is far from truth. They have no disease, no curse to be spread through bites or scratches, one cannot become such a predator…they must be born it.


Despite their frightening look however, they are a neutral race normally minding their own unless provoked, taking on a more human seeming form while in towns and public spaces. Though should you anger a werewolf, its animalistic defences will make you soon wish you hadn’t. Despite various rumours, werewolves are far from immortal or unbeatable; these legends were crafted due to the werewolves’ strong resilience and strength, though they too can be killed.

Other Notes

We must note that Werewolves on Advent are nothing like the normal Werewolves found in foreign legends. One is not bitten to become one, one does not change into a Werewolf at a full moon and one does not lose its sanity to some kind of supernatural disease. A werewolf on Advent is as much natural as the rest of the races and one is born into being one.

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