Beliefs and Religious Organizations
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A belief is considered successful whenever it has a major popularity in a whole country and also when it is putting their followers in "the right track" so to speak. Such beliefs tend to have more than just 3,000 followers, in fact one can say that some of these beliefss may be even a hold of approximately 350,000 each and pooled in different Religious Organisations.

Old Beliefs

Old Beliefs are nowadays near to extinction as they are the mythologies of the old Empires. An old belief may have between 100-500 followers on the whole, however there might be much others that won't reveal their belief due to the fear of new beliefs' pressures. These beliefs have been formed and were widely practiced from Year 3000 till around Year 5000, each having its own religious Organizations that may or may not still exist in hiding.

New Beliefs

New Beliefs are the philosophies and thinking that have grew out of the older ones and are nowadays wildly practiced in the current Empires, Regions and Independent Areas. Most of them have their roots from around Year 5000, when the old religions started to fade away. Of course, every belief enlisted below has its reason of initiation.

Religious Organizations:

The following list is a list of all the organizations that exist on the continent of Advent at the moment, where a person can originate or not originate from these groups.

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