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This is the official wiki site for AdventRO. This site is continuously growing. The goal is to create a portal where all information in AdventRO can be accessed in organised, easy-to-read pages. If you've come here to create your character page, please use the character profile template to get started!

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Update: May/15

  • Updated Characters Profile - Added Relationship Ratings
  • Added Recent Changes under "Search this site" Section in Main Page
  • Wiki still under heavy revisions (sorry guys), but here are the changes so far:
    • Mythos of Advent completed
    • Races nearly completed (if there is no information, ask Audrey-Tifa)
    • Current Events under serious construction. See the Forums to see what is going on.
    • Timeline under construction.
    • Melee under construction, but Magic is near to complete
    • Religions nearly completed
    • Technology completed
  • New update #24


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  • And of course, be courteous to others. This is a wiki site for information on the world of Advent and those who inhabit it, not what your opinion of another player/staff member is.

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