0 - 3000: Evolution

This stage of the world was called the Evolution, where creatures lived in harmony with each other, spreaded out all over the world, formed territories and honed their natural abilities. This process was thought to have taken approximately 3000 years before the creatures started to dominate the lands they were given. It is also the most obscure Era of Advent as there are no records written about it, only assumptions

Whilst having this heavy process, the creatures started to establish themselves in villages across the world and developed various numbers of skills and methods such as the Wheel, crude weaponry and Magic. Systems were also formed at this stage such as Languages, Trading, Education, Training, Guarding, Agricultural System and such systems and other forms of systems that helped each comminity at it was fit.

It is a fact however that villages were starting to be established at the end of the 3rd Century and religions started to form, with one village influencing the others. all the different areas wherre the Empires are established later on have identified the Foud Gods, however they were recognised in different names and several myths grew.

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