3000 - 4800: First Empires

By the time the creatures arrived to their last forms of Evolution, most of these creatures have established their main settlements on a particular large continent, which was the biggest continent in Advent. The continent was called by the name of Avalon by different languages and by the time the inhabitants established a common language between the races, the name became permanent so.

In the continent of Advent, Empires started to take shape:

The Empires:

Due to the fact that Writing was discovered in the late 4000s, the last 4000 years (especially the 3000 years of Evolution) are too obscure for scholars and historians alike to know what really happened. However there are small records from the First Century of the Empires, yet again they are too obscure to be sure about anything regarding the formation of the Empires. However there was enough information to build assumptions concerning the Age of Empires.

There were other areas that simply remained as small villages, dealing off with their own problems such as the Arunafeltz Regime. The Regime was still not established at this point and the Deserts were considered as a no-man's land, however there were small villages dwelling here and considered themselves as a small nation on their own, only becoming one when there was a common threat in .

From what the historians could gather roughly, there were no recorded wars at this time as the Empires of Rune-Midgarth and Tule were united in a treaty of peace between them for approximately two centuries. Yuan, Eternal Forest and Memphis stayed in the lines of neutrality. The Empires of these times simply lived in peace and prosperity, being to each their own when it came to personal problems except Rune-Midgarts and Tule, who aided each other.

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