Arunafeltz Region

General Information

  • Current Leader and Religious Figure: Freyanistic Pope (no player)
  • Political System: Theocracy
  • Political Figure: Pope
  • Religion: Freyanism
  • Religious Figure: Pope of Arunafeltz
  • Culture: Arunese (Modern Arabic)
  • Common Langauge: Avantese
  • Native Official Language: Khuzbli

Cities, Towns, Villages and Places of Interest


Arunafeltz is a north-western empire composed of mostly high desert. They receive dry winters and summers. Most of the vegetation are hardy low-lying shrubs and short trees that are adequate in surviving during droughts.

The most apparent part of Arunafeltz is that it is a country full of Freyanists. The people of Arunafeltz have had a terrifying reputation ever since Hekate's rise of power because of her instruction of human sacrifices and unjust acts that she branded as critically necessary for following her religion. Even up to the present, the inhabitants of Arunafeltz still follows the rules that Hekate established obediently without the intention of changing their conscience, and disobeying these religious tradition results in torture or death.

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