Isle of Esteria

General Information

  • Current Leader: Prime Minister (no player)
  • Political System: Democracy
  • Political Figure: Elected Prime Minister
  • Religion: Triantism
  • Religious Figure: Bishop of Prontera (located in Shyden, no player)
  • Culture: Esterian (Modern Malta)
  • Common Langauge: Accented Avantese
  • Native Official Language: Malti and Avantese

Cities, Towns, Villages and Places of Interest


the Isle of Esteria, although being a very small island, has a deep burdened past like no other place. Being known for being dominated constantly by the Rune Empire in the past, its last recorded invasion was that of the Thriantianistic Church before it claimed its independence as a self-ruling island. It is said that there are many mysteries thet encircle around this island, mostly because of the legends and rumors regarding Sagis and Nirvana.

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