Kingdom of Rune Midgards

General Information

  • Former Name: Rune Empire
  • Current leader: The King (NPC)
  • Political System: Monarchy
  • Political Figure: King with Queen consort
  • Religious Figure: Pope Seiriol Blodwin
  • Religion: Triantism and traces of Runism
  • Culture: Runian (Medevial England with old arcitecture being ancient Greek)
  • Common Langauge: Avantese (equivalent to English)
  • Native Official Languages: Gallieu and Avantese

Cities, Towns, Villages and Places of Interest


Rune Midgarts is the oldest still-standing nation of Advent. It is a very traditional nation, and the main religion is Trianthianism. The headquarters of the church is located in Prontera and has a very heavy influence on Rune Midgarts.

Rune Midgards is a region consisting of mountains, prairies, and forests. The government is structured as a theocratic monarchy with democratic influences; the top tier leaders in the government and church are not elected by the people. Despite this, Rune Midgarts has had its share of fair and corrupt rule in the past ages. Valiant knights and warriors are known to come from here, with justice riding on the gut instinct of morality and chivalry.

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