Regions of Advent
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Looking to find your way around Advent? Wise idea! As with any world, Advent has many countries and regions. Sometimes these places hold certain laws or types of people you will want to be aware of. A grisly example: if an enemy force took over a city and its flooded with soldiers, that would be a shame if you were unaware and your character was shot on sight—these things happen!

Current locations to take note of
Off Limits

Dangerous Places

Unavailable Maps

* Off-limits means your character cannot have ever been to the above location in the past or present (unless you've worked something out with an ST/Leader who governs the place); however, these places may be unlocked in future plots, which is a good reason to play often! You can enter these areas OOCly (out of character; as in, when you're not role playing) as much as you want.
* Doesn't have a map yet means some locations do not have maps created for them yet, as Davven and Audrey-Tifa can only work so quickly. However, you can say your character has been to or lives in these places.
* No established laws means it is unsafe for characters unskilled in battle to wander around these places. They are full of criminals and small wars taking place; it is an every-man-for-himself zone.

Kingdoms and Empires

The following are to be considered the strongest nations from the rest, being dominant in both lands and power in politics and religion alike. Having a long line of history, each dominant Empire is to be treated with caution and respect as they they have their own political systems and military structure.
A territory is declared to be a Kingdom or Empire when there are 5 or more cities enlisted under a particular dominion, having an extensive history to accompany it as well.


The following regions are considered second in power next to the Kingdoms and Empires listed above, yet they still had major influence on the continent of Advent.
A territory is declared to be a Region when there are less than 5 cities under the dominion in question, yet having an extensive history to accompany it.

Independent Nations

The following places are either considered to be weakest as they are newer than the rest to Advent or were always neutral regarding the rest of the territories.
A territory is declared an Independent Nation when there are places within an Area that is considered as a whole, yet there is no common leader. To each place their own unless they face a common problem; that is when these places will ally and make one unified Nation.

Old Empires

The following places used to exist ever since the end of the Evolution Era, however all of them have either fallen or evolved into a new kingdom or region, depending on the situations that happened throughout the Timeline.

Other Information

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