Empire of Rune


  • Nowadays known as: Kingdom of Rune Midgarts
  • Estimated Population: 200,000
  • Political Figure: Runian King
  • Political System: Monarchy
  • Main Religion: Runism
  • Religious Figure: High Priest
  • Cuture: Ancient Runian (Ancient Greek)
  • Languages: Gallieu and Avantese



Rune was the first to be confirmed, where small villages allied together in making this Empire in order to create a type of order and invented the Monarchy. Despite of the King being a human, the Empire was formed by many other races which included:

  • Orcs
  • Elves
  • Incubi and Succubi
  • Merpeople

All of these races agreed to become part of it while the Nagas and Bastets all retired to the Deserts due to environmental issues. The King was a noble man that wanted peace, prosperity and protection of his nearby neighbors therefore he gathered all nearby villages in order to unite and work as a small country of their own. They defended themselves against the wilds and bandits that tried to pillage the villages from the deserts nearby making their capital city Izlude as it was the center of trades of this Empire. This country has developed itself magically at a great scale, since they owned an Elemental Major Well and a White Crystal, and military wise, being considered to be the first strongest Empire. Rune-Midgarts also is responsible for the discovery of Iron and Steel, being the first to establish the basics of Blacksmithing, later on being spread throughout the Empires. For the Elemental Well and the White Crystals the citizens of the Empire settled two cities, which were Geffenia and Ravandon respectively. Wizards' ancestry was established to be in Geffenia while the Knights' ancestry were established in Izlude (confirmed Wizards and Knights profession).

5000-5511 (Dark Era)

After the fourth King in the Imperial Line, the Fifth Runian King started to portray quite the rough image of the Empire; Rune started a major conflict with the Tule Empire regarding religious beliefs, which by time other elements were involved and a war bursted out. It is common knowledge that abnormal issues started to occur such as earthquakes and disagreements between races, therefore in the progress Rune lost:

  • Orcs: they declared themselves as independent from Rune's authority, disagreeing with the conflicts and creating their own small Capital called Lochdell. Even though the Runian King attempted to regain dominance over this city, it resulted to be unsuccessful due to the Orc's sheer power. There were no more records of interference with the King of Rune from here on.
  • Elves: they exited the villages of Rune and settled near the newly drowned Geffenia, building their Capital Glastheim since they disagreed with the current conflicts and since they wanted to be part with nature. The Runian King attempted to invade Glastheim, however it was all for naught; the Elves fought with their normal forces and with Magic, however they had something that they never encountered before. The Elves developed a bizzarre form of Soul Linking, later identified as being a mutation of Necromancy. This magic is nowadays known as Necromatic Soul Linking.
  • Incubi and Succubi: they retired to their Capital called Geffenia and no longer recognised the Runian King's rule. After a while they disappeared from the face of Rune as Geffenia fell in the earth.
  • Merpeople: they retired to Bylian Island to their city Atlantis which lies in the bottom of the caves and never interfered in Rune's political affairs, even nowadays. However there is no record that the Runian King dared to take over the Merfolks. In facts, records state that he feared Poseidon, who was said to have control over the Seas. Historians assume that Poseidon is in fact the Guardian of Water himself.
  • Ravandon fell into ruins.
  • Lost other small villages.

However even though Rune suffered much losses, it still remained the most powerful Empire of its times. Tule Empire and Rune Empire stopped their war shortly afterward, coming in agreements to sign a peace treaty.

5513: Domination of Jingai Empire

Rune-Midgarts successfully took over Jingai Empire after the fall of the Jade Empress (which was also known as Bacsojin) and reconstructed it while Nanjing was rebuild and called Louyang. This region was re-named as the Archipelago of Yuan.

5800-5830: Independence of Yuan

Due to rebellion, Rune Empire lost in a civil war against the Archipelago of Yuan however they managed to keep Payon. They also signed a peace treaty with the new independent Archipelago.

Year 7000: End of Rune Empire

The Runian King was abruptly murdered a few years after the peace treaty with Yuan. Giving blame to the Archipelago, they hastily promoted a new King and tried to advance to attack Yuan, however the new King stopped such a rash act. The King, being a peaceful man, made a re-order in the Royal Court and the Chivalry and kept peace with the Archipelago. He also abandoned the Runian beliefs and accepted Trianthism as the nation's new religion, re-naming the Rune Empire to Kingdom of Rune-Midgarts.

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