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The Schwartzvald Republic is known to be the most technologically advanced nation in Advent. The capital city of Yuno holds the Heart of Ymir, a powerful magical artefact, which is locked away behind tight security deep within the Academy of Sages. It is said that the Heart of Ymir keeps the city afloat.

Schwartzvald is a region consisting of mountains, grasslands, high deserts and lush forests to the north. The main religions in the Republic are Triantism and Freyanism. The government is structured as a representative republic with democratic influences where the people elect officials. Most of the headquarters for trains and airships are located in the Einbroch/Einbech area. Pharmaceuticals to be shipped all over Advent are manufactured in Lighthalzen.


The Republic has a solid structure of military that is feared by all of the nations, however it is a strainge form of military nonetheless. They have four known units overall:

  • Swordsmen Unit
    • The normal swordsman that is all about offense and melee battle. Their main base is Lighthalzen where they get their trainees usually from the Kingdom of Rune-Midgarts. The new recruits get an extensive training in order to adapt the swordsfighting style with the rest of the Republic Military.
  • Gunners Unit
    • The Gunners Unit is to replace the normal Archer Unit and their main base is Einbroch. Getting most of their trainees from Kingdom of Rune-Midgarts and Hugel, the archers are trained to the style of Gunning, which is considered to be faster and more precise that then the usual bow and arrow.
  • Battle Mage Unit
    • A unit that has been in existance long before any of the units enlisted, the Battle Mage's unit base is in Yuno. The most of the trainees are from the Academy of Yuno, where the Scholar is trained to know the art of the swordsfighting in order to alter between magic and melee.
  • Aviation Unit
    • Situated in Hugel, the Aviation Unit consists of machinery rather than people themselves. Using the Airships, the unit is not a complete efficient one; as the airships are huge, they are easily seen from miles away and targeted easily. However this is a hard unit to destroy, as it is the most advanced Aviation Unit of all the nations.

The Republic's structure of ranks is the following:

  • Military Ranks:
    • Soldier (First rank)
    • Elite Soldier (Second Rank)
    • Captain (Third Rank)
    • General (Fourth Rank)
  • Paramedics Ranks:
    • Healers and Nurses (First Rank)
    • Doctor (Second Rank)


The Republic boasts one of the best educational system of all the nations. Every citizen in the Republic is to be schooled from childhood till teenage years, where the person in question learns all the basic education needed such as Reading and Writing. Further on the school years the school offers other specified subjects too, such as Mathematics, Languages, Sciences subjects, Accounting subjects, Marketing & Trades, History, ect.
The following is the school structure of the Schwartzvald:

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