Sograt Regime

General Information

  • Current Leader: None, anarchic status
  • Political System: Anarchy
  • Political Figure: Formerly Sultan
  • Religious figure: None, anarchic status
  • Religion: None confirmed, traces of Ismailism
  • Culture: Morrocian (Old Persian Empire witn old architecture being ancient Egyptian)
  • Common Langauge: Avantese
  • Native Official Languages: Karmish and Sokar

Cities, Towns, Villages and Places of Interest


Few to none can remember when the Sograt Regime was truly a regime. For the past several decades, the desert country has been in a state of anarchy in some regions and run by crime lords in others. When the last Sultan fell, the woman Hekate, had unleashed the force of Freya upon Advent and taken it into herself. She declared herself the governess of the Regime with her band of criminals and misfits known as the Organisation at her side, keeping Morocc as the capital city.

Hekate has recently fallen in the past year, and things have been slow to recuperate in the Sograt Regime. Criminals still run rampant and control many of the cities. There are no laws, and entering the Regime leaves every man for himself.

The Sograte Regime is mostly desert, composed of vast, sandy dunes. To the south and south-west, nearer to the ocean, there are tropical forests and swamps. The weather is always hot in Sograt, but the humidity is stronger in the south. There are a few mountainous crags, but the land is mostly foothills or flat.

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