Archipelago of Yuan

General Information

  • Current Leader: The Emperor (no player)
  • Political System: Communism
  • Political Figure: Emperor with Empress consort
  • Religion: Shuukyo, traces of Jingism
  • Religious Figure: High Priest (no player)
  • Culture: Yuanese (Japanese and Chinese)
  • Common Langauge: Avantese
  • Native Official Languages: Nanjian and Zatsu

Cities, Towns, Villages and Places of Interest


The Archipelago of Yuan is a set of islands that span the entire eastern coast of the Schwartzvald Republic and Rune Midgarts. Each island varies in size; some are only large enough for a city, and some have a few meadows and hills outside of the settlements. Many of the towns have a more traditional feel, as the country was cut off from the society of the main continent for many thousands of years.

The people from this region bear differences than those from the mainland, suggesting that the first settlers of Yuan came from an entirely different continent. Often the physical features of Yuanians depict them as being slightly shorter, with dark brown or black hair and eyes. The culture and language is far different here than in the mainland countries, but in the recent few hundred years, the people have adapted to learning second languages in order to establish trade and diplomatic relationships with outsiders.

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