Dimensional Rift
  • Region: Sograt Regime
  • Population: Unknown
  • Main religion: Unknown
  • Known for: Destroying and maiming anyone and anything that enters it

For more detailed, OOC information on the Dimensional Rift, see: Within the Dimensional Rift

The dimensional rift is located thirty kilometres underground in a crater in the centre of Morocc. No one knows how the crater suddenly exploded itself into the centre of the capital of Morocc; after Hekate and the Organisation completely obliterated half of the population of the city using countless means of force, the crater was discovered to lay in the aftermath.

It is currently fenced off and heavily guarded with soldiers funded by the Schwartzvald Republic. Research teams from Schwartzvald and Rune Midgarts are the only people permitted access in and around the crater. Any adventurers who somehow make it past the security and enter the rift are never seen again.

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