Academy of Robotics & Technology (Hyre Academy)
  • Region: Schwartzvald Republic
  • Known for: Robotics and Technology training (Owned by Hyre Robotics)
  • Leader: Headmaster Kiehl Hyre

Current Situation

The Hyre Academy is a very presigious academy where one can train and learn in order to rank in various jobs that involve technology and robotics alike. Successful students from this academy usually advance to Einbroch or Lighthalzen to continue their studies solo and work in technology development as Engineers or Tech Scientists.

The building itself is reinforced with high-security; well-paid guards and state-of-the-art security technology is all around the perimeters of the establishment in order to keep out foreigners from the academy. It is rumored that the Academy itself holds many secrets, ones that the students and lecturers themselves do not know of.


It was originally a factory where Kiel Hyre, a wealthy philanthropist and robotics engineer, could produce his robots without interference from the government or prying third-parties. However, in the more recent years, Hyre has admitted that the academy is actually where his robotic dolls are educated in human morals and way of life; thus, they are taught much like school children are.

N.B.: Hyre Robotics is the sole monopoliser of robotics in Advent. Though a few independent companies have somehow worked up the cash to purchase some of his robots and steal what plans they could from them, no synthetic beings can mimic the quality of the advanced A.I. and lifelike features that Hyre's robotic dolls boast.
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