Ice Caverns
  • Region: Arunafeltz Empire
  • Population: Unknown
  • Main religion: Unknown
  • Known for: Home of Kthullanux, legendary original location of "Freya"

The Ice Caverns are a mysterious enigma north of Rachel. Here, in the middle of the high desert, lay a series of caves going deep underground and all lined with ice. The frigid temperature inside serves as the perfect atmosphere for many cold-loving creatures; especially the guardian beast Kthullanux.

It is said by Trianthiests that the "unholy Force of Freya" was once sealed within this cavern, and that Hekate once unleashed this force and let it into her body; thus beginning the chain of events that brought her to destroy the Sograt Regime and turn it into a home for criminals.

Because none of the legends about the Ice Caverns are pleasant, it is a location that many choose to stay away from. Still, researchers from all over the globe visit the caverns in an attempt to solve the mystery of why a series of tunnels coated in ice is smack in the middle of an arid desert.

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